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Honesty  &  Authenticity                                            


When we are going to talk regarding authenticity of Puja offering, let us start it in a different way. Have you gone through our website thoroughly? What your heart says ? Ask yourself. Does it say that our website gives you wrong and unauthentic statements ? If so then my advice don't proceed anymore with us regarding your puja. Otherwise go ahead. Our website has the capability to speak out with you through your mind and you will get all answers of your doubts if you concentrate. BELIEVE IT, THIS WEBSITE IS NOT JUST A WEBSITE BUT AN ONLINE PLATFORM OF DEVOTION THAT INITIATES AUTHENTIC SPIRITUAL AND DIVINE SERVICES FOR THE BETTERMENT OF PEOPLE.


 Authenticity regarding Puja offering is not like offering a Seal of guarantee as offered with a commodity. Here authenticity is to be given to the trust and belief of a man / woman who is residing even several thousand miles away and sending money for offering puja (on behalf of him/her) just depending on a belief. You send money for offering a puja or homam etc. on your behalf but You don't know whether your Puja actually is being offered or not. May be you are getting a packet containing Prasadam i.e. flowers, sindoor etc. in return but the question is whether that packet contains the Prasadam of your own Puja. Whether those Flowers or Sindoor or after-puja-upachar has actually been offered in course of your Puja or not. But believe us that in most of cases, all the after-puja-upachar like Flowers, Sindoor etc. that we send to you at your address (after your puja held), even has the touch of the body of the deity i.e.  the touch of the idol of the Puja of your choice. All those flowers and Sindoors have been used for offering your puja. To make this thing possible most of the time we arrange PERSONALISED Puja.

Now the effect of these personalised puja services, as we found, are immense. When we started this website for offering online puja and Homa etc. services, people hardly knew about us but now-a-days we are getting huge puja requests and repeated puja requests from several countries. Why these repetition of Puja requests come unless people would have got the results ? Don't you think that this repetition of puja requests denote the satisfaction of people ...trust and reliance on our Puja services ... effect of authenticity of our personalized Puja services ?


However for your kind information, as a documental proof of your Pooja or Homam etc. being held we may send you Photograph of your Puja. Besides we may send you video clippings or sometime live video if your system allows. In case of Homam, Homa or Havan it is more convenient to give you the Proof of your homam as in most of the cases we may take the video recording of your Homam being performed. Sometimes, we can show you live that your Homam is being perform (if your system allows). Besides, in some cases customers (Devotees) sent their friends and relatives to check it up whether the service is actually being held or not and in all case they become satisfied. This incident helped us to strengthen our authenticity.






Apart from this if you need any more proof pls. let us know. 





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