Devi Bhubaneswari Puja



Devi Bhuvaneshwari is the Divine Mother. She is known as Adi Shakti and Consort of Lord Shiva. Devi Bhubaneswari perform all task along with Lord Shiva being inseparable to each other. She is calm, quiet and vivid. She provides Fearlessness, Reliance, Confidence and Success to her devotees. She is the Divine Mother who protects her devotees from distress and punish the sinner, enemies and traitors.

It is Said that by worshipping Devi Bhubaneswari devotees become free from agony, fear and his or her wishes get fulfilled. It is said that by offering of Pujas, Japas, Path, Homam etc. spiritual acts to Devi Bhubneswari even all malefic effect of Navagrahas can be avoided. Navagrahas become calm and cool. 

Offering Pooja to devi Bhubaneshwari brings health, wealth, fortune, Protection, prosperity and success. She also remove obstacles in life, bring marital happiness and peace at home. It is said that Devi Bhubaneswari protects devotees from the Negative influence of planet Venus. If you want you may get our services of offering Puja to Devi Bhubaneswari on behalf of you online that costs Rs. 2550/- or US $39, to be performed in personalized way. After the ritual Holy After-Homam-items i.e. Prasadam will be shipped to you at your address. In a single Homam you can add all your own or parental family members if you want. 



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Auspicious Devi Bhubaneswari Homam

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After placing order you may write us your details i.e. your date of birth, place of birth, time of birth, your gotra, your star, purpose of your Homam (your wishes). You may send your photograph too that will be only used in your spiritual event. You may write us at -




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