Dhanvantari Puja Homam Havan

Spiritual assistance for removing diseases, gaining Good Health and Longevity 


Lord Dhanvantari


Lord Dhanvantari is the Divine Doctor ...God of medicine ...whose medicine is said and believed to be never failed. He is also believed to be the celestial Physician of Gods and the Universe. He is the excellent Divine medical practitioner who never fails. He is believed the Avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to Smd. Bhagbat Puran Lord Dhanvantari is 12th Avtar of Lord Vishnu. According to puran, at the time of Samudra Manthana Lord Dhanvantari comes out of Samudra i.e. ocean with Nectar which is Amritam that brings immortality. 


It is believed that Lord Dhanvantari removes all diseases, removes all fear and makes a man Healthy, Wealthy and Wise where wealth is a good health. People offer Pujas, Homam, Havan etc. to this Lord for curing disease of any form and getting a good health and vitality. It is believed in Hinduism that Lord Dhanvantari can cure any deadly and incurable diseases with his Blessings and brings AROGYAM i.e. Good Health.


We have arranged this auspicious Homam Havan online for devotees and if want you can offer this auspicious Homa i.e. Havan for yourself and for your near and dear one. Cost Rs. 9633 / US $183.




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