This is to inform that we have no any connection with temple or temple authority or temple trust and we don't get any money from any temple or any particular religious institutions or leaders at all. We are a Private body working as an Online Puja, Online Homa and Other Religious Services Provider maintaining the sincerity, honesty and proper spiritual ethics. 

Spiritual services that we provide for people or for our devotees are not at all magical remedies of their problems. These are based on people's hundreds or thousands years of trust and beliefs on DIVINITY, mainly on Hindu God and  Goddesses and related spiritualism. People or devotees must know that they are coming to us to have our services at their own discretion. If anybody have any complain about us or about our website then kindly let us know. Write us with your details & complains including your  phone no., address and email Id at - indusland@yahoo.com . You may also give us suggestion for making things better.











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