Laxmi-Narayana Puja 



Lakshmi Narayan Puja is performed for getting Good Luck, Happiness and Prosperity. It is believed that this auspicious Puja brings Love in a family, gives Protection to members of the family and brings Peace as a whole at Home and in your work place too. Laxmi Narayana Puja brings wealth and abundance in a family. It creates a bondage of love between a Husband-wife and among other members of the family and bestows Blessings on them. This Holy Puja gives a growth of spiritualism and devotion in the mind of the members of the family. It is said that the Home or the family where Lord Vishnu and Devi Lakshmi bestows kindness and blessings, the family never plunged into financial crisis and obstacles on the way of prosperity. Happiness always prevails at that home.

Laxmi Narayana pooja is performed for a trouble free peaceful living in life. This is said to be very effective to fulfill the wishes and desires of a person or his family. It removes obstacles and gives success to you in your work or job, removes misfortunes and brings good luck for you. This puja is believed to be good for restoring the sudden fall of family's financial condition. It is also believed by devotees that this auspicious Pooja gives new hopes to those who are unemployed. 

Laxmi Narayan Puja is also believed to be very effective for success of a Business. This auspicious Puja may remove financial or other obstacles in your business and may bring a smooth running of your business.

The bondage of the family which is gradually going to be broken due to the lack of Love, mutual Respect and Belief between a husband and wife or between parents, may be restored by  performing this Puja and homam in a periodic way.

We are the human being and lives in materialistic world. We need wealth and material abundance, Good luck and prosperity, success and happiness for our healthy day-to-day living. It is said that by offering Lakshmi Narayan Pooja and Homam in periodic way with full devotion somebody may achieve all of these with the Blessings of Devi Lakshmi and Lord Narayan i.e. lord Vishnu together.


Even sitting at a long distant you may offer Lakshmi-Narayana Puja Online in personalized way through us -  for getting your wishes fulfilled and getting a peace in your life. Cost is only INR 3501 or US $ 71. This Holy Puja is specially performed along with many auspicious Slokas Path and several thousand Japas. The holy Puja to be performed in personalized way at Holy Bharat Spiritual Centre. For this just  click below -

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Offer Laxmi Narayan Puja 

You may book Laxmi Narayana Puja for one year if you want and your Puja will be performed every 2 months interval i.e. 6 times in a year   - 


You may book Laxmi Narayana Puja for one year if you want and your Puja will be performed every 2 months interval i.e. 6 times in a year   - 



After placing order you may write us your details i.e. your date of birth, place of birth, time of birth, your gotra, your star, purpose of your Homam (your wishes). You may send your photograph too that will be only used in your spiritual event. 

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