Online Payment Procedure

   EASY   ...SAFE     ... SATISFIED   

Here, the easiest way of booking your Puja or offering your Puja is placing of Puja order through Credit card. Remember, you can pay online to us for offeing your personalised Puja through the internationally reputed payment gateway that make your credit card payment very easy and very very safe. There is no chance of hacking your credit card information. Therefore get assured that we are offering you only a world class online payment system. 

Now the Procedure ... i.e. the steps of making payments - 

  1. When you click " Offer Puja Now" button or other  respective button, then you will automatically be connected to the CCAvenue or PayPal shopping cart and you can see your ordered item is there. Here, if you want you can book more  Puja order by clicking  "Add More Items"    or otherwise click  "Pay & Finish".  "Add More Items"  will bring you to the previous webpage for booking more order. "Pay & Finish" will bring you to the next step for making payment. Here you have to choose the shipping reagion i.e. at which country or zone you want the after-puja-upachar should be sent after  your online Puja is held.

  2. Then click again  "Pay & Finish".  Then Click  " Continue to secure checkout".  It will bring you to the page where you have to fill all your particularls, shipping address. In this page  there is a place "Notes / Instructions Section" where you can write all your questions, Purpose of Puja or  any thing that you want to inform us or want to write us ( your date of birth, time of  birth or any thing else.). Then click your desired  "payment method" and Then click  " Continue to payment screen"