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Why does Millions and Millions of people comes everyday to thousands of temples in India for offering Puja ? Why does people stands in a queue and wait for even hours after hours to reach inside the temple ...infront of deity's idol? What is there in offering a Puja ? ... ...

Come any day at Kalighat, Tarakeswar, Dakshineswar, Tarapith, Vaishno devi, Kashi Viswanath, Tirupati, Puri Jagannath and many other famous temples in India and you will find that all classes of people has come to offer Puja there in their respective temples. Ask anyone why he/she has come here and the answer will be very common ... " to fulfill my desire" or " to get rid of distress / dangers / Bad times" . Why does people are keeping so much faith on God ...on temple deities whom they might have not seen in a living state anytime even throughout his lifetime ? Here in this point too the answer from a devotee is very clear ..." yes, I have not seen my God in the form of temple deities in a living state but I can feel ...I can realise that there is SOMETHING behind all arguments, WHOSE invisible touch of hand ... touch of love ...kindness & blessings are being bestowed on me ...on us".

Temple deities are basically the liking forms of GOD / GODDESS to a man with a vast superpower. It is believed that if you prey to these deities with your earnest desire to get something then you may not have to return with empty hands. Even it is further believed that if somebody prey and meditate rigorously to have a sight of deities in the living form then God may be visible to him/her in the same form as he/she likes to see him… …like in the form of LORD SHIVA, in the form of KALI, in the form of TARA, in the form of KRISHNA etc. Commonly known god man named Trailanga Swami, Ramkrishna, Bamakhyapa, Sri Chaitannya and many more who have seen their respective deities.

This is the power of deities who has the power to fulfill someone's desire, can rescue from dangers or distress. People are coming into temples during several hundreds of years with a trust and belief and research says these trust is growing even in the age of science. Why they are coming ? Why people are believing on God or temple deities They must be getting something.


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