Rudra Hanumate Homam or Havan 

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Rudra Hanumate Homa is a powerful Homa that energizes the devotees greatly and provide with Everyday Fighting  Spirits. 

Lord Hauman is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Rudra i.e. Lord Shiva, who took birth to serve Lord Rama ... His father is Lord Pavan i.e. Vayu i.e. air and that's why he is addressed as Pavana putra Hanuman. His mother is Anjani. Lord Hanuman is believed to be the only living God in the form of super human being. This monkey like God has enormous strength. He is a Great Yogi, immortal and omnipresent. 


Rudra Hanuman Homam is really beneficial that provides energy, strength and knowledge. Lord Hanuman is a great Friend for removing obstacles, rescuing from dreaded situation, providing you the right guidance right direction in life. This great homa helps to bring Blessings of Lord Hanuman by which a devotee gains living spirits which are very much required now-a-days in modern situation. This auspicious Homa is also extremely beneficial for students and children. 


Rudra Hanumate Homam minimizes the Mangalik Dosa i.e. malefic effect of planet Mars and gives a good life. This great homam also minimizes dreaded malefic planetary effect of Saturn i.e. Shani. Painful planetary effect that is called Shani Sadesati or dhaiya of Shani is greatly minimized by this auspicious Homam.

This powerful Homam is performed with rigorous spiritual activities for Lord Hanuman that protects someone from happening any danger on the way ahead. It is the belief in the mind of millions of people that Holy Pooja and Homa to Lord Hanuman cures illness, removes ill-health and minimizes sufferings ... it brings power, strength, vitality and victory for you, for your son or daughter on the way of today's competitive life. It is believed that this powerful Homam protects a person from facing accidents and also protect him or her from happening any danger on the way of his or her life. Rudra Hanumate Homa also protect those child who have 'Balarishta yoga' connection i.e. death in childhood, in their horoscope.

Rudra Hanumate Homam is also believed to be beneficial for those who are suffering from fever, weakness, Loss of courage and loss of strength of mind. This auspicious Homa brings courage in the mind of a man or child and make him or her a brave one. It brings health, physical strength and power ... removes hurdles and derives success for you. Thus this auspicious homam helps to build a good career in your life.

Rudra Hanumate Homam also protects you or a child from being negatively affected by dead spirits or evil spirits. It also protects you or your beloved child from 'Buri Nazar' i.e. evil eyes of your envious neighbours or enemies. It also works well to remove the effect of Black Magic on you or on your family.


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