Shiva 108 Abhishekam



Shiva Pujan with 108 Abhisekam is powerful Puja to Lord Shiva. It is said, with this Pooja or Puja planets are appeased and their malefic effects are said to be decreased. This Puja is said to be effective for fulfilling devotee's wishes and desires. Shiva Puja with 108 Avishekam is effective for -

  1. To bring back good health, Wealth and Prosperity.

  2. For the removal of  bad time.

  3. For the protection.

It is advisable to go for this auspicious Puja at least 3 - 4 times in a year if possible. For some cases it may be advisable for  offering this Puja once in every month in one year. Cost is Rs. 3111  or US $51

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Shiva Puja with 108 Abhishekam for 

12 times in 12 months -

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