... God does not come down always but he/she blesses you, shows you right ways and attach you to right persons ...


Bhakti (Devotion) & Karm (work with repeated efforts) together produces the perfect match for your success ...fulfills your desires...

Personalized online Pooja,

Personalized Homam,

Personalized Astrology 

and Many Others

We offer our personalized Spiritual services on behalf of you like online Poojas, Homam, Kavach making, Yantras etc. all in mainly personalized way, so that your own wishes and desire get fulfilled with the blessings of God & Goddess.




Homa, Homam or Havan

People go for Homam  or Havan and  Aradhana in a personalised way with a belief in mind of  getting a faster spiritual effect and result like  -  To get  Success, Wealth, Abundance in life, Remove scarcity of money and finances,  Recovery of and from Debt, Peace and  happiness in mind, peace at home (griha shanti) and workplace, For protection from evil forces, Black magic, miseries, fulfillment of desires for prosperity, material abundance (money and wealth), For a speedy recovery from illness and many more ...

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~ MahaKali Homam ~

Maha Kaali Homa or Homam is believed to be very effective for removing  of BAD times which somebody is currently passing through. It is very effective for removing your ENEMY and removing the effect of Evils eye, to combat the effect of Black Magic on someone, Relief from continuous Failures and Acquiring Success in Works and all other fronts in our life.


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Birthday Homa or Havan  

for Childs and adults














For Success & Abundance -

Offer Maha Laxmi &  Ganesh i.e. Ganapathy Homa and Puja for getting Success,  Abundance and Prosperity in your life.


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Hare Krishna




Pls keep Faith and Respect those things which we sends to  you after your POOJA or HOMA held. Convey your regards and respects at least once a day.  These after-puja-items or After-Homa-Items are believed to have Divine (cosmic) powers in them as those things are actively included in your Puja or Pooja which may bring success, abundance, peace, prosperity and happiness. 




Power of Deities



Navagraha Pujas

Offer online Puja to Navagrahas i.e. Puja for Nine planets i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus,  Jupiter, Shani, Rahu and Ketu which rules the activities and fortunes of Human being.

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