Surya Puja - with 108 Argha Daanam

Strength * Protection * Success



Surya Puja i.e. Sun Puja for a healthy wealthy life



Lord Surya i.e. Sun is the only visible God to us. He gives Light and Life to us. He gives strength, gives power and ego. Sun gives fame, courage. Sun gives Pranas, vitality, energy. Surya is Maha Roga Nasak i.e. great eliminator of diseases. Sun and sun rays greatly affect the inner most spirit of human beings. It gives and control the life force.

Favourable placement of Sun in Horoscope may bring goodwill, fame, good social status, good fortune and success etc. People in politics and in business get big success on the way of their life. People's success in the field of other occupation also greatly governed by the Sun. But adverse placement of Sun in your Horoscope may bring negative results, lack of courage, lack of energy, pessimistic attitude, Frequent illness, Diseases and over all unsatisfaction with stressful life.

Auspicious Surya Pujas  i.e. Sun Pujas with 108 Argha Daan is said to be very helpful and effective to bring Sun's energy ...vital energy force in spiritual way and thus the divine influence and blessings of Lord Surya that may give support in a divine and spiritual way to cure many diseases. It may rectify the astrological flaws and malefic effect of Sun in your Horoscope and may reward you with a much healthy successful and prosperous life.



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