Surya Sahasra Ahuti Homam

Sun Homam with over 1000 offerings


According to ancient Vedic concept Surya i.e. the planet Sun is believed to be "Rog Nashak" i.e. the great reliever of Diseases. He is called Ravi, the giver of Light ...the giver of ray ...the giver of Life. Auspicious Surya Sahasra Ahuti Homa is performed to appease Sun God to get recovered from diseases, to get more life force and vitality in our life and to get sound Health, Wealth and Prosperities. This Homa is also greatly done for appeasing malefic Sun or for strengthening the benefic sun in Horoscope. It lessens or removes bad luck, misfortune and obstacles ...

It is said that seeking blessings and protection from Sun God not only rejuvenate and energize the inner power of a human being but also absolutely helps to get recovered from different diseases by revitalizing the physical functionalities of our body and mind with required warmth, energies and spiritual forces activated through Mantra Shakti that helps to generate and regenerate Pranas i.e. Pran shakti force. Offering of Poojas and Homam to Lord Sun is the spiritual path to appease him and to seek blessings to fulfill devotee's wishes and desires. It helps to provide Power, strength and Glory. It brings intelligence and Good will too and it helps to make your life steady, simple but strong.

The auspicious Surya Sahasra Ahuti Homa is a big fire ritual event that comprises Long lasting Pujas, Japas, Different spiritual Kriyas and effective Fire rituals based on Vedic system with over 1000 Ahuti daanam even
sometimes in dilated form according to the need.

People undergoing Sun Mahadasha or Sun Antardasha should also perform this auspicious Homa to pacify Sun God and to seek blessings for Healthy, smooth and trouble free life.


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