Vishnu Puja with Sahasra Tulshi Patra Danam 

Vishnu Sahasra Tulshi Patra Danam Puja (i.e. Vishnu Narayan Puja with 1000 Tulshi Leaves offerings) is one of the most auspicious and powerful Puja to Lord Vishnu Narayana by which the Navgrahas ( 9 planets ) are said to be appeased and their malefic effects are said to be guarded or decreased. This Vishnu Sahasra Tulshi Patra Danam Puja is said to be very effective for fulfilling devotee's wishes and desires. Vishnu Narayan Deva Puja with Sahasra Tulshi Patra Daanam is said to be effective for -

  • To bring back good health, Wealth and Prosperity.

  • For getting well from Diseases

  • For the removal of bad luck, 

  • For the removal of  bad time

  • protection against malefic effect of Boodh Grahas i.e. Mercury

  • For Fixing marriage 

  • For the protection

  • Giving guard against Bad yogas in horoscope


It is advisable to go for this auspicious Puja at least 3 times in a year if possible.

Cost is Rs. 9003 or US $147

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