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What is Puja or Pooja ? 

Puja or Pooja is worshipping the almighty Divine powers ...Puja is the showing of your reverence to the God ...Puja or Pooja is an act of having a connection to the divine...

In Hinduism the medium of offering this Puja generally is the idol (deity) made of stone, soil, ice, Photograph, a water Jar (pitcher made of soil or copper, brass etc.) or even Sometimes it may be a tree. During the Puja this idol and the pitcher plays the most vital role as a medium, where the the divine power ...the deity's cosmic energy is prayed to be come down through the chanting of Mantras ...Stotras ...yoga (
yoga - joga - jog - connect - adding link with the divine supreme). You believe it or not but during thousand and thousand years people are realising the existence of God in this way. There is a big science ...a spiritual science behind this which is not openly talked. 

It is believed that these idols are not just the mere sculpture or the structure. Rather these are the icon of super powers filled with the cosmic energy. Apparently it is seemed that these are nothing but a mere religious prejudices but in reality - UNLESS THEY GET SOMETHING ...REALISE SOMETHING, THEN WHY DOES MILLIONS AND  MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE KEEP COMING TO THESE TEMPLES TO OFFER PUJA ?...WHY DOES MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE OFFER PUJAS ...UNLESS THEIR DESIRE GET FULFILLED ... ? Devotees say " Something is there in offering puja and prayers..." 

Hindu God and Goddess are worshipped at homes and Temples conforming the regulations required for offering Puja (worship) properly. Temple is the temporal seat of the deity. It is a sacred place where a deity is believed to be rested and wait for devotees. He or she is omnipresent and as a matter of fact a single deity may have many temples in different places. However, spiritually some particular temples are holiest.

There are so many holy temples, where every year more than millions of people come to offer pujas so that their desires get fulfilled. Important temples has been 'IMPORTANT' today because of the millions and millions of devouts comes here to offer their puja. They come there (either physically or by sending Puja through online Puja service provider) for having a divine connection to the God by showing there reverences through invocations, prayers, songs, and other rituals to the idol i.e. the deity of the temple, which is rested at the central and primary part of the temple. 



Which Homa or Puja You should offer ?



Why Puja and Homa is necessary ?

Puja and Homa is necessary because it is a procedure of showing  your reverence to the deity - the store house of divine powers and spiritually getting connected with it. It is the procedure by which the desire of a person can be spiritually communicated to the deity so that it get fulfilled. 

As a general human being our power is limited. But it has been proven by several God men who came to know this through meditation that our origin is nothing but a same source ...the source of spiritual power ...super power ...Param Bramh. Our so called God and Goddess are the idolised symbols of this super spiritual power. By offering Puja and Homa to our God and Goddess a person get connected with this super power. Puja or Homa is basically a powerful spiritual procedure and if it is properly done, a person may get it's result sitting thousands of miles away from the temple. If you can not come physically to the very temple then it is further better if you get someone who honestly offer Puja on behalf of you in a particular temple although you may not be present there at the time of  your Puja.

Puja makes our body and mind holy and pure. It keeps our unrest mind cool. Puja is also the unconditional surrender of ourselves ...OUR BODY AND SOUL to the divine power which took pity on us, put mercy and wash away all our sins and teaches us from our within what to do and what not to do. Puja and Homa in many times fulfill our desires ...rescue from the dangers ...bring us to the point of prosperity ...and give us a glimpse of touches of blessings of the deity which fill up our body and mind with a different feeling and give rise an eternal peace. Puja gives us the strength to confront with adverse situation and get the victory.

Puja is a yoga ...Puja is a meditation which connect us with the divine (Jeeva with Shiva).


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