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" Karmannyewadhikaraste Ma Falesu kadachana " 


- the timeless, boundary-less famous Sloka of GEETA tells the universal truth of life - you have a right on Karm (duties) but not on its consequences. We are here to try our level best to obey this philosophy … We are happy to know that all mighty god has fixed a place for us to provide PUJA and other related services to millions of people throughout our life.

We have a very very limited power to make people happy but we believe that we have enough power to obey and perform our jobs and duties and we do it honestly. People send Pujas and other related services  from distant places and we offer those Puja, Prayers and others on behalf them ...for them honestly. Regarding Consequences ? Yes, here we admit that we have no control over consequences or fruits of Puja offerings. Only God knows that. And truly speaking, these are our greatest rewards when we see our Puja and prayers make people or devotees happy & smiling. Really these are all unforgettable moments for us when people write to us that their desires have been fulfilled... … … Perhaps God listen to our earnest prayers and Pujas for our people or devotees -


Sharing some unforgettable moments with you all too -






(Names and actual Identities have been changed due to some reasons)



[18/05, 10:14 pm] Mrs. M: Apnaar pujor porei amar barir poribesh normal hoye geche
[18/05, 10:14 pm] Mrs. M: Sakale je volatile oboshthya chilo seta theke ekdom normal hoye geche
[18/05, 10:16 pm] Mrs. M: Sakale ekdom Nataraj murti chilo. Ekhon sampurna normal hoye gelo miraculously
[18/05, 10:16 pm] Mrs. M:  Anek anek dhonyobaad apnake
[18/05, 10:17 pm] Mrs. M:  Miracle nijer chokh e dekhlam
[18/05, 10:17 pm] Mrs. M:  Mantra r ki power sottiߙ?

[ Situation became normal after the Puja you offered for us. Morning's all negative situation is now turned into normal and positive. In the morning he was like "Nataraj" with anger. But now he is miraculously normal. Many many thanks to you. Today I saw the miracle by my own eyes (as the effect of the spiritual process). I saw the power of Spiritual Mantras.   ]


  • Home Situation of Mr. & Mrs. M became suddenly turned into bitter and mess during last few days. Misunderstandings, bitter altercations, mental illness with emotional hazards dominated the home situation with wary atmosphere. Anger, shouting and near fighting situation made others puzzled. Immediately spiritual practices like Puja started with subsequent Homam for normalise the situation and result is very positive as witnessed by Mrs. M.





19th May 11.10 a.m.

Thank you so much, Dada. Apni je Amar bhishoni boro vorsha. Namaskar roilo - Apnari Dada


[ Thank you so much Dada. You are my strength and reliance.   Regards ...  ]


18th May 2.29 p.m.

Amar Visa process hocche ekhon, Amar bhishoni tension hocche, janen to. Thakurke Amar name Pujo din ar dekhun jyano shob kichu thikthakbhabe Shushomponno hoye jyay. Amake officially Monday theke join korte boleche.


{ My Visa is getting processed this period. I'm tensed. You know. Kindly offer Puja for me and pls. take care so that everything is done properly. I was told to join the Company officially on Monday.  }


17th May 11.07 a.m


Dear Dada, Good News. Ei just ektu agei Offer Letter sign kore accept korlam. First Hurdle clear holo. Ebar Second Hurdle holo Amar New Visa issue howa. Pujo path korben jyano smoothly hoye Jay, pl. dekhben ektu. ... ...


[ Dear Dada, Good News. just sometimes back  I accepted and signed my job offer letter. First hurdle is over. 2nd hurdle is to get my Visa. Pls. take care for me and offer Puja for this ...  ]


15th May 08.16 p.m


Chakrita peye gelam obosheshe, kaal offer letter debe bollo ... ... E shobi to holo Apnar jonye, eta ami chara ar kei ba Jane? ar amader porom Korunamoyee Mar Ashwirbad, Baba Mahadeber oshim Kripa, Kaalimatar shimahin doya. E shob chara success ei Boyeshe ekprokar oshombhob. ...


[after all, I got the job. Tomorrow they will give me the offer letter ... ... all has been possible because of You, (who knows it except me ? )... It has been possible because of Kindness of  Divine Mother, Kindness of Lord Shiva and endless Kindness of Devi mother Kaali. Without this it is impossible to get job at this age (of around 67 years) ]



  • The man above is Mr. Souma the old man who lost nearly everything - his Job, House, assets ... no cash .. no bank balance ...even he neither have money for medical treatment nor even buying food properly. Almost starved.. Ill fated, ill and nearly starved condition with the burden of loans and listening of creditors threatning every now and then that made the man puzzled and stricken by fear i.e. fear of uncertainty. Without Job, without money, without food and ...alone in Foreign land ... but Kept faith on us on our spiritual services and above all on All Mighty Divine Powers. Ultimately his days turned into a change ... a with Smile...


... See above  ...  


We become really happy when we see that our Services with the Blessings of All Mighty God and Goddess add smiles in the Life of you people ...





[20/03/2023, 1:24 am]

Sanjay Basu : Pujas are going on almost everyday. Yes, it seems that things are going on right direction. However, we need information from You, how do you feel about Shamila ? Whether any further medical test or examination prescribed by the doctor or not ? Whether Shamila herself feels anything better or not ?


20/03/2023, 1:28 am

Seh Ji USA : She says she’s feeling much better than before, improving day by day. Voice is still hoarse. Eating little bit better. Appt with Doc is April 6.


Note : Shamila was critically ill and went into ventilator support. Her condition was very bad. Hope was less. Maha Mrityunjay was performed side by side along with daily Hospital medical support. Shamila survived and now doing much better. Her mother Seh Ji confirmed it through WhatsApp message.




date: Jan 12, 2022, 7:20 PM

Dear Sanjay, 
Dear Friend,

I thank you sincerely. Thank you again for all the blessings you give me through this puja that will accompany me throughout my life. May the Gods and goddesses shower you with blessings of health, happiness, and Peace. 

With my warm greetings. 

Richard Baneck 
Berlin- BER, 



24th August 2021 21.51 p.m.


..and Guruji u already know my problems what I'm going thru. So much stress financial and mental and health is bad also. But After "Rudra Abhishek" I'm feeling mentally strong Very strong and also I feel happy inside, no more suicidial thoughts ... ...







(WhatsApp Message)




[Auspicious Shiva Rudrabhishek Puja Homam was done for Paarth for eradicating his problems. Now he is much much better]




22nd August 2020 20.52 p.m.


I thank you a lot for your immensely powerful work and that you offer it to the whole world. Your work is a blessing for all.






(WhatsApp messasge)






15th April 2020, 11.52 a.m.


Hello my friend I am officially healed. I received certification after two negative swab. Thank you very much for what you did for me. Hope you are fine and safe.



M. Piccari



[ M. Piccari resides in Italy affected by Corona viruses. He was quarantined. He is our devotee friend. On getting the information that he was sick and affected by Corona viruses, we tried online for him and started some specialized Spiritual services for him online. Eventually he was healed and wrote this to us.]






3rd April, 2020  01:24 p.m.


Namaskar Sanjay !!! And thank you soo much!! * I can really feel the effects of it (of your Puja). Great Service. Bless you all. 



Leen Dykhuizen




(WhatsApp messasge)




Tue, 24 Mar at 2:21 pm

Dear Mr Basu

This morning - i did not know yet, that the homa has taken place- i woke up and felt: the break is healed! My energy field is whole again. 
Then I read about the puja. Thank you so much!

Best regards, Ruth-Es Dill

( Mrs. Dill had an accident and broken her bones. she was mentally broken too. She is in her old age and very much in fear. She supposed she perhaps will never be able to overcome this situation. Auspicious Maha Mrityunjay is being done for her, healing effect of which she got. Also Special Kriya Pujas is being done for her and for her husband so that they can be saved spiritually from Corona Virus attack).




17th March 2020, M.Piccari wrote from ITALY , 13:13 p.m.



Hello Sanjay I want to inform you that I'm feeling better, no fever


Thank you for your friendship


M. Piccari


(WhatsApp Message)


[ M. Piccari resides in Italy affected by Corona viruses. He was quarantined. He is our devotee friend. On getting the information that he was sick and affected by Corona viruses, we tried online for him and started some specialized Spiritual services for him online and is being continued. Eventually he wrote this above.]





Tue, 17 Mar at 11:53 pm


Dear Sanjay Basu

1000 thanks for Your help, Your wonderfull arranging of the puja- just great!
We are very happy to book this puja with You

Best wishes
Franz Büchel
Ruth Esther Dill





15th November 2019 Monday 22.19 hrs Nima Wrote : 



Thank you! We appreciate all your help. I don’t know how to describe the help we need and the appreciation of all you do for us. May God Shiva give the great strength to keep helping everyone and may he fulfill all your desires as well. Have a blessed day!





( WhatsApp Message )



30th September 2019 Monday 16.17 hrs Irene Wrote : 


Dear Sanjay , as always thank you very much for your help. So happy to know you. Thank you for choosing auspicious Day to do Homam. 

Very grateful. Beautiful Navratri Puja and Birthday Homam.


( WhatsApp Message )







On 7th May 2019 Tuesday at 17.59 hrs. Swasti wrote :


Thanks a lot Sanjay Da. Ajkei khobor Pelham je Amar visa extension application to approve hoyeche :-). Ebar green card ta holei hoi .


[ Thanks lot Sanjay Da, just today I came to know that my USA Visa Extn. application has been approved. Now trying for the Green Card ]





( Swasti, was trying so that her USA Visa extn. application is approved and became very very worried due to the uncertainty. She offered Puja and Homam with Bharat Spiritual Services and seek divine help for this. Puja and Homam was done for her and eventually she got the approval )





On Mon, 15 Apr 2019, 01:23 Andreas wrote :


I trust and appreciate the work you offer and I m happy with everything you've done so far for me.

Now I would like to know more about the Rudra Healing you offer. www.bharatspiritual.org/rudra_healing.htm 

I wish you all the best,








7th May 2018, 12.36 p.m. (WhatsApp Message)


From Catarin (Regarding her Horoscope Report)



Hi, Mr. Sanjay, I see and  I agree with almost everything (that you wrote). And I understand that with this influence of Saturn I need some remedy. ... ... ...








 9th April 2018, 19.32 p.m. (WhatsApp Message)

 From Madhari



 Starting the new job today, pls. bless







Suven Mukherjee
date: Mon, Apr 2, 2018 at 1:24 AM
to : Sanjay Basu <pujaonline@gmail.com>
Dear Mr. Basu,

Good Evening & Thank you so much really, I in fact don't have the right word in my Vocabulary to appreciate you, but I know it so well that "GOD THE ALMIGHTY" will Bless you so much for helping a guy like me who has truly been requiring exactly this kind of assistance at this point of time - Thanks again to you & my Beloved Younger Brother through which I came in touch with such a Kind Human being like you - I will forever remain so Grateful to both of you in this Life of Mine - such connections & happenings are only "GOD"-made, I at least believe like that.

My Sincere Regards to you,




From: W.ARNW 
To: Sanjay Basu <indusland@yahoo.com> 
Sent: Wednesday, 7 March 2018, 6:57


Dear Bharat / Sanjay,

Earlier in the year, I purchased two kavachs from you, a Rudra Kavach and a Surya. ... ... I was quite sensitive to the Surya kavach. It surprised me. All the qualities of the Sun are really bestowed on me while I wear it (it builds over time): I have more vital energy, more fame, more authority, more motivation, more business success in general. 

... ... it made a great believer in the kavachs you make and sell. Frankly, I'm still very impressed. 


W. Arnw



24th February 2018, 01.00 a.m. (WhatsApp Message)

From, S. Mukhpadhya

Today my daughter became the judge in the biggest science exhibition of DALLAS (Texas). It's you and your dedicated Pujas which are reflected as her Success.




13th February 2018, 13.22p.m. (WhatsApp message)

From, Mrs. S. Dey


Saved from 3 deadly accidents.It was in high speed ...





9th February 2018, 11.28 a.m. (WhatsApp Message)

From, Mrs. S. Dey


YOUR PUJAS ARE DOING GREAT FOR AR..JI. Just now, he's having dinner with PrimeMinister of ... I will tell you when I will talk to you.





6th January 2018, 19.05 (WhatsApp Message)

From,  Mrs. A. Mukhopadhyay 


Whatever you do is always beyond our expectations. A mere thanksgiving may not be enough to show our gratitude.







From : Fela ... [fela.....@yahoo.com]
Sent on : Thu 28th December 2017, 05:37
To : indusland@yahoo.com;


Peace and blessings Dear friends,

Thank you for all your efforts in assisting people to live their dharma and improve their lives. The Pujas have helped me tremendously. I graduated from college, got a new job, became a certified yoga teacher, and have a new apartment in one year from doing Navagraha puja.

My name is Fela ... I just order a Sarva siddhi Homa for New Year ... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... ...



From: uth-sher Dill <xxx@mail.com>
To: Sanjay Basu <indusland@yahoo.com> 
Sent: Saturday, 6 August 2016, 0:02
Subject: Re:

Dear Mr. Sanjay

we are very happy that today Mahaganapathy-Homa was performed for my parents. We felt a very good result of the Mahamrytiunjaya-Puja on both my parents. We liked the pictures and videos very much, it made us feel so close to the Ritual. 

May the Lords grace be always with you and the Pujaries

Om namah shivaya,
Fanz & uth







From: uth-sther Dill <xxx@gmail.com>
To: Sanjay Basu <indusland@yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, 4 July 2016, 21:58









From: Srenares [mailto: -----------------] 

Sent: 03 August 2015 12:36
To: 'Sanjay Basu'

Subject: RE: Maa Bagalamukhi Homam and Puja

Sanjay Dada,

Just wanted to inform you that with Maa Bagalamukhi’s grace I won the case. 

My humble salutations to you.

Thanks and Regards






Sent : Sat 27-06-2015 16:35
To : Sanjay Basu

Yes, I know and Thank You. Again, like I did with Kali, can my intentions for puja to help with any black magic, harm, or obstacles to my success be removed.
Last month with Maha Kali was very helpful and I know I need to continue with puja. Pujas helped a lot last month, work was coming in and I was able to ... ... ...

Thank you again, 

S. Keels



Sent from my iPhone






Sunday, 2 Mar 2014 at 1:36Su, 1:36

Re: Your Rudra Avishek Homam
K. Dayan

Sanjay Basu
i had done the Rudra Homam with Bharat Spiritual a few months ago and i am writing to let you know that I do notice positive changes. I feel more guided and I also have visions ... I still continue to pray to my Shiva lingam .... They have really saved my life.
thank you again


From: Arsa. K. 
To: Sanjay Basu
Sent: Friday, 25 October 2013, 0:34

Hi Sanjay Ji. I want to give you update about my homam. My wishes are started being granted. I pray that all my wishes are granted. Thanks Lord Shiva and thanks to you and your team.



----- Original Message -----
From: richard ...
To: Sanjay Basu
Sent: Tuesday, August 20, 2013 12:15 AM


Dear Sanjay,

It is longtime ago you didn´t get any new from me.
After having completed the recommandations to the Holy Homam on the 10th of July,
I chante several time every day the Mantra I got from you. Today is the 69th day of my regular practice
with this Mantra. I can announce you some subtile inner changes I am noticing: The biggest is the
reactivating of my selfestime.
I believe that more significant changes are comimg.
So let me tell you again my thanks for your help.

With full respect


Richard ...





Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2011 13:06:34 IST


Dear Dada

Hope every thing is fine with you. I was trying to contact you in the month of July. As I was in Kolkata and I wanted to invite you and family for my Sons Birthday.

But Unfortunately couldnt reach you. I also wanted to meet you.

Dear Dada wanted to inform you also that my husband has got promotion in his company. dada do u rem what was going on in his life 10 months back.

You have done this miracle in our life and I will be always greatful to you.

Also dada, I wanted you to do a pooja for me this Dassera and kali Pooja. 


... ... ...





01 January, 2011 12:42 PM


Dear Sanjay:

I have been keeping in touch with my brother, I wanted to let you know that Dorothy is doing better, she is able to understand what she is being asked. My brother said that they might take the breathing tube off tomorrow. How can I thank you and everyone who have worked so hard to take care of my family. There are no words that I could say that would tell you how greatful I am. Thank you again for taking care of my family.



( Dorothy was severely Ill and Hospitalized with breathing machine support on 28.12.2010. Ultimately survived due to Mahamrityunjay & Hospital care)


Sunday, November 28, 2010 8:49 AM


Hello Sanjay,


This is IR. Forgive me for not having written for so long. I hope you still remember me? I REALLY require your help once again, my friend. I want your advice. Homa or puja or both to achieve a quick and successful sale? What types? What information would you require from me? Meanwhile ...  ...  ...

... ... ... ...Before I finish this email, I want to say again how very grateful and thankful I am to you for the help, kindness and support you showed to me in that very bleak and dark period. I still remember that first phone call to you when I broke down in tears telling you my school was surely going to fold and how in a very quiet, confident and reassuring voice, you said it won’t happen. It is nothing short of divine intervention that my school survived. You wrote to me always to see how I was and telling me to ‘keep faith’. To this day, I am very grateful to you.

Love and warmest regards
 I R



18 November, 2010 1:14 AM

Hello Sanjay,

I wanted to inform you that my husband finally got the job.  I would like to order a homa/pooja for him for gratitude and continued success.  Please advise on the best course.
Thanks for your help and advice,


Kind regards,




Friday, 12 November, 2010, 2:22 PM


Dear Sanjay

thank u so much...
i will let  know as soon as i get the kavach.....
my sister Monika also have ordered......i guess she should be
getting her soon.....i will let her knw.....
ust to inform you.....the day from which my mother weared the
kavach...she is feeling much better.

thanks to you and Mata Kali.......





Sun, 25 Jul 2010 19:11:57 IST


Dear Dada,

I have being practicing what you had instructed me. There is no major fights as such between us now. I thank you whole heartedly for that. I can't believe I am the same person who is writing all these, who tried many times to commit suicide. Thank you so much Dada.

Dada, I just wanted one more help from you. Dada is there any way ... ... ...


 - Swati



26 April, 2010 11:55 AM

Dear Sanjay Sir,

With the gods grace ,we were released in bail & thanks for doing pooja of Maa Baglamukhi Devi

- S'dhr

Tuesday, 30 March, 2010, 12:17 AM


Dear Sanjay,


I have got a new job and would like to offer a pooja for gratitude and for success in my new job.  Can you advise me please? 


Thank you,




Dear Sanjay,
thank you, I am much better. Now got a job for 2 months, I like this job very much. Hope this company will want me to stay longer. 
Thank you very much for your help ... ... ...
Best wishes




Thursday, November 12, 2009 12:51 PM

Thank you very much Sanjay ... ... Thank you for your kind supportive words, I recognise the wisdom and merit behind them. And your efforts undertaken on my behalf. All of them. May God bless you and yours too Sanjay, I pray God keeps you well. And am thankful there are people like you in this world! We all need more spiritually awakened people...

Thank you most sincerely again ... ...

Much gratitude and affection,



Thursday, October 22, 2009 8:13 AM


Dear Sanjay, 

By the way I did receive the after Puja @ Tarakeshwar package on Thursday – 15th Oct,2009. It has been my honor and utmost pleasure in obtaining Spiritual Services through you.

ॐ Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. ॐ

A. D'Souza.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009 5:10 AM


Dear Sanjay Bhai,

Firstly I would like to wish you and your family a very happy Diwali and prosperous New Year and I hope the Devi also fufills all your wishes. Thank you also for sending the upchars, I received them safely.

 Best Wishes




Monday, October 19, 2009 4:59 AM


Sanjay, dear friend

Happy Diwali to you.  May the almighty bless you with good health, prosperity, peace and joy.

You're always in my thoughts... Thank you for your friendship, your help and your support.

Love and regards, your friend,


Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2009 23:06:14 IST 

Thank You bhai. What a GREAT relief when you says so ... ... ...I am keeping faith to Ma Kali. She won't go wrong.
Thank you so much again. I really appreciate you. I am happy that I got you as 'Bhai' . Someday I will meet you when I visit India.



Date : SAT, 18 th Jul 2009  4:30 a.m.

Dear Sanjay,

Thank you for your help!! My daughters are doing much better. My husband is up for a promotion. Please pray for a good outcome for them all.  Many Blessings to you.



Friday, May 08, 2009 4:45 AM

Dear Sanjay, 

Thanks to your help things are much improved in my life. My health and financial situation are improving ... ... Prior to the homa/ pujas I had many problems with very ill health and bad luck due to the effects of black magic and was also receiving unwanted phone calls from the person involved with the black magick, but that has diminished significantly thanks to the Holy Mothers . The homa / puja has been a big help and seems to be working. My family and I are doing very well. 

Thank you for your continued services. 



Thursday, May 07, 2009 5:56 AM


Thanks for the response. Thanks for all that you have done for me. I am impressed with your services and I will keep in touch. 


Wednesday, May 06, 2009 6:15 PM

Hi Sanjay,

I wanted to drop you an email to say thank you. Your help, support, advice is invaluable and I would not be where I am now without your support and advice. It is very much appreciated. I know my life is going to get better and better and this month will be an amazing month with some very good news. I look forward to seeing you in person some time soon. Once again, my sincere thanks as you have become my rock and support and I value everything that you say.



Thursday, March 26, 2009 12:12 AM

Dear Sanjay

this is shehnaz. i have recieved the prasad and pooja flowers in good condition. i am pleased with the services you are providing. keep up the good work. thank you


Tuesday, March 24, 2009 02:51 A.M.

Dear Sanjay Bhai

I just wanted to let you know, I have received the Kavachs safe and sound, words cannot express how grateful both my husband and I are to you and your pandits, I just wanted to let you know that the person that was litigating against us has also dropped all charges and will not be pursuing the matter any further and other situations in our life are also sorting themselves out, it feels like we had been put under a "kali nazar" and this was lifted with the homa, I wanted to ask you for your advice on whether I should have puja or homa of Mata Bagalamukhi performed to continue this positive vibe that is permeating in our lives now?

I hope you and your family are well and wishing you all the best for the good deeds you are doing.

Kind Regards


12 th March 2009  8.46 p.m.
Dear Mr. Basu,
How are you . I'm fine for the moment ... ... My daughter is feeling much better and I thank- you again. Everything that was predicted about my future is completely accurate so I am ... ... ...
Thank-you for your time and help . Best wishes
   N. Ramotar

Thursday, December 18, 2008 3:32 PM

Dear Sanjay ji, Namaste to you...

I must say I am very better than before, I did exactly you told me and I feel positive vibes. Thank you very much, I also received the Upacharas you sent many thanks.. ... ... ................

Kind Regards



Monday, November 24, 2008 3:00 PM

Dear Sanjay,

Hi. I have got a very good job & have joined on 19/11/08. The company is at Bangalore.
Have a request, can you please mail me the photo of Devi Bagalamukhi.

Friday, September 07, 2007 4:34 AM

Dear Sanjay,

Many thanks for your thoughtful and prompt reply.  Knowing the care with which you administered my other puja, simply knowing that it was you that performed the puja is sufficient.  I can tell you are a very honorable person and I'm very grateful to you for your care on my behalf. I hope someday Erin and I will have the opportunity to visit you and thank you in person.



Friday, September 07, 2007 2:53 AM

Hi Sanjay,Thank you for your prayers. I got a good job. I start training next Wed. Please offer some puja to Ma Tara for me. She loves me very much; i'm so lucky for that.

Date: Monday, August 20, 2007 11:46 PM
To: sanjay Basu


Hello my order arrived today august 20   thank you     I HOPE TO USE YOUR PUJA SERVICES MANY  MANY  TIMES IN THE FUTURE . OM NAMAH SHIVAY

Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 18:11:00 -0700 (PDT) 
From: Deb D.
To: "Puja Online" 

Sanjay Basu,

 Bhai, Now, Let me tell you mine one. I got a job this monday and is working after you gave my puja to Lord Venkateshwar on 27th July. That's miracle too me! After all these days, finally I got with the blessing of Lord Tirupathy Balaji!

We are all benefiting from you, for your deep beliefs in GODs/GODDESSES!! And the good works you are doing for us. Keep up Good Works. God/Goddess loves you all.
You have done a wonderful job by giving puja for your customers ... ...
God Bless you.

To: indusland@
Date: Tue, 03 Jul 2007 06:58:20 IST 

To Whom it May Concern,

My name is Brendan Garrone and I'm a graduate student of
anthropology at Columbia University in New York. I am writing my
thesis on online puja's and your site is one of the best I've come
across for this service ... ... Thank you for such a
wonderful website.

Best Wishes,

Brendan Garrone 

1 May 07 03:31 PM Previous Mail | Next Mail 

To: Sanjay Basu 
Subject: Bhutanath from Texas  

Jai Maa!
I hope this letter is finding you well. I wish to make amends for my inability to pay for your services to me in INDIA. Please send me an invoice so I can send you the appropriate money on my credit card. You saved my life there ,and I want to thank you properly... ... ...Once again Please forgive my delay in reimbursement, I am a poor devotee and only recently realised my mistake. It was a grievous error, and I will not repeat this ever.



4 Apr. 07  02:50 A.M.

Hi Sanjay,

Just wanted to let you know that i have secured 2 jobs!! I start work tomorrow at one location, and i start on the 7th at the other location... ...I am very thankful for your prayers.
Take Care All of You,
A. Mandal

18 Jan 07 03:24 AM 

To: "Sanjay Basu" 

Dear Sanjay,
Thanks for letting me know the details.
You are GREAT! Other websites offering Pooja do not even reply
when I have a question.

Thursday, January 04, 2007 7:01 AM

Hi Sanjay, Thanks as usual, good to know that it happen that way ... ......
Sanjay anytime if you think a pooja will help let me know ... ... I trust and believe in all you do for me. 
Another thing I will never forget all you have done for me even on my very happiest days. You'll be the first one I have to thank and think of. As it have been said God will not come down but he will show you the way and attach you to the right person and thats exactly whats going on here with me. I'm so happy to know you, whom I can tell all my troubles too.

O.K. Sanjay you take care. My very best to you
- Skumar


Wednesday, January 03, 2007 11:53 PM

To,Sanjay Basu,
Dear Sir,Thank you for your email.
We all wore our own madulis (Kavach) on last saturday as per to your advice... ... ... One thing is sure, that this maduli is protecting me from negetives which I noticed ... ... ...
Thank you.

Fri, 24 Feb 2006 04:27:25 IST

Dear Sanjay,

Thanks a lot for your letter and your pieces of advices. ... My wife is fine by now.  I think it is a good thing to offer a puja to Lord Shiva during Maha Shiva ratri for her

With best regards and gratitude

Om Namah Shivaya

Mr. ... Gallois

Thu, 30 Jun 2005 10:50:29 – 05:00

Dear Sanjay ji,

All your prayers have worked wonders for me. Can you please check up my star with P. krishnan and advise me if we have a future again ?

Details are these :

Name : … …

Place of Birth : … …

TIme of birth : … …

Moon sign : … …


Name : … …

Date of Birth : … …

Place of Birth : … …

TIme of Birth : … …

Moon sign : … …

Please let me know, if there is any way the two of us can get together. I will seriously appreciate your help.



F. Mathew


Wed, 02 Mar 2005 04:14:54 IST

Thank you for the information. Everything looks fine
to me. So please carry on the (Shani) puja same way.


S. Mandal


Wed, 02 Mar 2005 00:52:26 IST

Dear Sirs,

Honestly, I noticed a better financial increasement, since you started the PUJA.

I could pay my debts but, at the moment, it seems the effect is ending. Shall I have to repeat the PUJA, again ?

If so, please, let me know

Kind Regards,

C. Bernardo


Sun, 21 Nov 2004 11:56:13 IST

Dear Mr. Sanjay Basu,

First off all i will like to thank you for offering puja for our family and business, yes i definitely see developments in all places. 26 Nov is my birthday , i wish you can offer some puja on the same day on anywhere you wish just ask for home peace love for each other And progress in business .

And also give some food to the needy people .




Tue, 25 Jan 2005 20:42:28 IST

Dear Mr.Sanjay Basu,

Thank you very much for perfoming the pujas at Ma Kali's and Ma Durga's temples. I received the puja upachar packet yesterday.

I thank you once again for your effort.




Tue, 01 Mar 2005 02:16:20 IST

Dear Sanjay,

Thank you for your email, and thank you for performing Shani Puja on my behalf. My life has not really changed in concrete way, and my desire has not been fulfilled. I know the Lord moves in his own way and in his own time!

I do hope Shani Puja has an effect on my life and for the fulfillment of desires. Time will tell.

Jai Raam,

Martyn Webber




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