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We a Spiritual House to provide you a personalized hindu spiritual services like online Puja or Pooja, Homam, Astrology, Kavacham and Other religious services.  For more details pls. visit 

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Online Puja or Pooja, Online Homa, Online Vedic Astrology etc. all are the parts and process of invoking Divine powers to remove your obstacles ... to save you from your troubles & crisis ... and to paves the way for giving you success, abundance, prosperity and peace in life ... ... with the Blessings of God & Goddess.



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KAVACH - the Divine protector  



Our personalised Jyotish Horoscope authentically made by our age old Jyotish specialists (Astrologers) may solve your Financial & Personal problems, may give you peace ... ... ...

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Grah Raj  Shani Puja  for eliminating  all dangers ahead






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~ Devi Bagalamukhi ~

It is said that Offering of Puja and homa to Devi Bagala Mukhi acts like a weapon to stop your enemy from doing a harm against you. It is believed that to win over enemies, Ma Bagalamukhi can act as a perfect weapon ... ... Devi Bagalamukhi paralyze enemy's speech, She can destroy an enemy's intellect, destroys enemy’s mal-intention for doing wrong things and doing of Harm against someone. She has the power to nullify the effect of Black Magic.

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Online Hindu Spiritual Services : Online Personalized Puja  Pooja services

Offer Online Puja or Pooja to Hindu God and Goddess for getting Divine Blessings and Assistance for fulfilling your desires. These are some INDIAN SPIRITUAL IDOLS ...sometimes made of Soil, sometimes made of stones or sometimes made of wood ...rested silently in temples ...seems to be inert ...but the vast store house of Spiritual powers ...gateway to the Eternal Divinity ... ...


~ Offer personalized puja online poojas for getting Success, Abundance, Peace, Prosperity ~


Ganesh Puja Maha Kali Puja Shani Deva Pooja Radha Krishna
Shiva Puja Lord Jagannath Navagraha Pujas   Laxmi-Narayan Puja
Durga Puja Satyanarayan Puja  Sarswati Puja Shiva Sahasravishekam
Devi Bagala Mukhi Ma Tara Hanuman Puja WEEKLY  PUJAS
Laxmi Puja Gouri-Shankar Puja Lakshmi Kuber Puja  DAILY PUJAS
Laxmi-Ganesh Puja Shiva-Kali Puja Shani Puja

Puja After Death

Shiva 108 Abhisekam Bhubaneswari Puja Dhanvantari Puja Surya 108 Agrha Puja
  Vishnu Narayan Puja   Vishnu Sahasra Tulshi Danam


Om Shanti After placing your order you may write to us your details like your Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth, Your Gotra, Your star, Your Complete name, address and your main purpose of this Puja in a separate e-mail and send it at indusland@yahoo.com  Om Shanti


Shiva Sahasra Argha Puja
MahaKaal Rog Nivaran Poojan
MahaKal Mrityuyog Nivaran Pooja
MahaKal Vipad Nasak Poojanam
Maha Vishnu Sahasra Nama Poojanam
Mahakali Sahasra Argha Puja
Maha Kali Panch-vingsati Argha Puja


   Favourite Online Puja Site


Round the year round the globe wherever you are, get our personalized online services of offering POOJA i.e. Puja to these Deities of Divine Power - HINDU GOD AND GODDESS, sitting at your home via Internet for fulfilling your Wishes and Desires.



Offer Online Puja or Pooja 

The century old belief in the mind of millions of people that - after offering PUJA or Pooja (worship) and prayers to these deities nobody return with empty hands and their Desires get fulfilled... ... ... 

These are some Indian Idols ...INDIAN SPIRITUAL IDOLS ...sometimes made of Soil, sometimes made of stones or sometimes made of wood ...rested silently in different temples ...seems to be inert ...but the vast store house of Spiritual powers ...gateway to the Eternal Divinity ... ...


We offer our personalized services for your personalised Pooja, so that your own desire get fulfilled  with the kindness and blessings of God & Goddess. We don't depend on any agent. We always try to Offer Pujas, Homas etc. for you in such a personalized way so that spiritually you can get the maximum positive effect .... initially you may not feel it sometimes but in the long run you may realize it. 


Please send the information about you or the man / woman for  whom you want to offer PUJA or Pooja , your desire if any, Address and the required amount to us after selecting your Puja or Temples for offering your puja, as you want. We will offer puja or Pooja in the name of you or as you want and then we will send the 'Prasad' and 'pushpa' and other after-puja-upachar to you directly through national or international post or by any speed mail or courier as you want. We always use dry fruits or dry food for Prashad, so that somebody can  use them even after many days.


Pls keep Faith and Respect those things which we sends to  you after your POOJA or HOMA held. Convey your regards and respects at least once a day.  These after-puja-items or After-Homa-Items are believed to have Divine (cosmic) powers in them as those things are actively included in your Puja or Pooja which may bring success, abundance, peace, prosperity and happiness. 


... God does not come down always but he/she blesses you, shows you right ways and attach you to right persons ...Bhakti (Devotion) & Karm (work with repeated efforts) together produces the perfect match for your success ...fulfills your desires...


Offering Puja to Lord Satyanarayan brings the Abundance and Peace in all forms in the entire family of a person - at Home, out side, at Work place... 

Satyanarayan Puja

 ... Offer online Puja & Homam to  Lord Satyanarayan and Pray to Lord Satyanarayan  for fulfilling all your desires,  removing all evil forces and get a wonderful life full of peace, prosperity and happiness ... ...


Pls keep Faith and Respect those things which we will send you after your Puja held. Convey your regards and respects at least once a day. This is our firm conviction that you will be able to find out right ways that will bring you success, abundance, peace, prosperity and happiness. These after-puja-things are believed to have Divine (cosmic) powers in them as those things are actively included in your Puja or Pooja










Navagraha Pujas

Offer online Puja to Navagrahas i.e. Puja for Nine planets i.e. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus,  Jupiter, Shani, Rahu and Ketu which rules the activities and fortunes of Human being.

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Can't Understand which Puja and Homa you should go for ... ... ?




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If anybody have any complain about us or about our website then kindly let us know. Write us with your details & complains including your phone no., address and email Id at - indusland@yahoo.com 

You may also give us suggestions for making things better 

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World wide service.  Send Puja from anywhere and we will send it back to you after offering Personalized Puja on your behalf.


Power of Deities


Homa, Havan or Homam  and Aradhana

People go for Homam  or Havan and  Aradhana in a personalised way with a belief in mind of  getting a faster spiritual effect and result like  -  To get  Success, Wealth, Abundance in life, Remove scarcity of money and finances,  Recovery of and from Debt, Peace and  happiness in mind, peace at home (griha shanti) and workplace, For protection from evil forces, Black magic, miseries, fulfillment of desires for prosperity, material abundance (money and wealth), For a speedy recovery from illness and many more ...

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Maha Kali Homam 


Maha KAALI HOMA or Havan to be held on an AMAVASYA TITHI. Maha Kaali Homa or Homam is believed to be very effective for removing your ENEMY and removing the effect of evils eye, to combat the effect of Black Magic on someone, relief from continuous failures and acquiring success in  works and all other fronts in our life ... ...


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Radha Krishna -  the eternal symbol of Love ... the God or Goddess for eternal Love ...

Now if you want,  you can Offer your Special Puja to them online for getting love or getting back your lost Love, peace, prosperity and  happiness at your Home and in your life.

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Low Cost Daily Pujas














Bharat Spiritual Services is dedicated to assist you for fulfilling your dreams, 

wishes and desires in a different way with a Divine i.e. Spiritual ways and practices. 

It is committed to support you in your need, 

help you to overcome obstacles and enemies, 

try to protect you and helps you to bring success and happiness in your life.




Tirupati Balaji 

Lord Venkateswara

Sri Hanuman




Online astrology

(Vedic Astrology to be made in personalised way)


Astrology, Online Vedic  astrology, Horoscope, online vedic horoscope, personalized horoscope

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Get our personalised Jyotish Horoscope and astrological advices made by our age old Jyotish specialists Astrologers, to know your future happenings and to solve your existing and coming Financial & Personal problems ...


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