Zodiac Protection Locket

Planetary Deities of Navagrahas

Zodiac Protection Locket is basically a Spiritual Pendant or a Spiritual amulet that anybody can wear as a protection ... ...protection from Evil forces, protection from Bad luck, protection from fear and even protection for getting prosperity. This Powerful spiritual locket, made in personalized way according to your zodiac Sign and zodiac nature to make you more powerful to take on day to day challenge in practical life and to derive success in your work. It may be your Business, your Job, your service, your project, personal life, your or your family's health, your child's health and Education - Zodiac Protection Locket is made in Personalized way to give you Spiritual zodiac power and internal energy so that you get the success and get rid of negative situations. 

It is said that Zodiac Protection Locket acts very well in the crisis time of life. It is said that the planetary Gods bestow Blessings, create Protection and give Strength and power that helps you to overcome hazards and difficulties in your life. Zodiac protection Locket deals with your problems. It is also said that Zodiac Protection Lockets act efficiently when you are passing through an adverse or negative phase ...negative situation in your life as commonly said "My time is not running well". It is said that it acts fast to repair  i.e. restore the situation positive,  make it favorable to you and helps to bring good luck for you.


Making of a Zodiac Protection Locket is not an easy task. A rigorous spiritual activities are required to make it complete matching with zodiac condition and zodiac nature as per individual requirements. It is made in personalized way. As a matter it takes at least 10 days to make it complete.

Price : US $ 111  or  INR 6003/-


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Personalized Zodiac Protection Locket  

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Personalized Zodiac Protection Locket



For this Spiritual Locket you are requested to e-mail us separately with following information at indusland@yahoo.com -

1. Your Full Name  

2. Date of Birth 

3. Place of Birth

4. Time of Birth  

5. Your Present Address  

6. Your nick name if any  

7. Your main problem or purpose or wishes for getting this Locket  

8. Gotro or Gothra (if you know)

9. Your Photograph (not mandatory).

10. THE MEASUREMENT OF YOUR ELBOW FROM THE TIP OF YOUR MIDDLE FINGER (This is mainly required for Homam. It means the distance between your elbow and middle finger tip). This is not mandatory.









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